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If you are thinking that you are bored of the things that are happening around you that cause you to feel uneasy, gloomy, in a bad mood, try to concentrate and separate yourself. Come out of those things to relieve stress in each day Reading various books, in addition to helping you to concentrate Also helps to pull you out of various stress locations so you can focus on what you are reading Although it was not a long time But I hope to help everyone Separate yourself from today's world and enter the world of fiction. Another hypothetical world to relentlessly relax the various things that flow into the present. Like famous Sir One of the characters in the story you are about to read below. He does not need much in life. He just needs peace of day. Eating like food and comfort in life. But those things do not exist continuously. He must undergo training in order to gain the power he has received. By coincidence Makes that power stronger to compete with oneself in order to live in peace After practicing, he was still not in peace. He must face a big journey in life. In order to protect the loved ones in his heart How would his five-thousand-year journey be? Will he be at peace again? Please everyone to be encouraged. And stay together until the end I hope that traveling to this fictional world will help reduce the stress, many problems in today's world that we must encounter. Hopefully the world in this fictional story will be peaceful soon.


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