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When you reading Tarot cards, also known as gipsy cards was born in Europe in the 13th century. It was originally used as a card game during the war break, called tarot card game, and later became popular as Tarocchi game in Italy. At that time, Romani immigrant tribes were scattered throughout France and Europe, then were called Gypsies. They are ability to predict accurately. Initially it was with the use of prophetic marbles, but when European churches gave no feedback and interpreted them as the witch and sorcerers, the Gypsies took tarot cards and used them to predict, the results of which were so accurate that they were accepted. For this reason, it is the place where tarot cards are used to predict fate.and interpreting tarot cards, we value the large set of cards or Major Arcana, because it is a set of 22 cards that gives a rather broad meaning and is a more powerful meaning than the set of 56 minor arcana already mentioned in the first chapter. Which the habits of the 22 major sets of cards can be linked to the prediction of your destiny's stories when you predicting who's destiny. It represents the main influential mind and the composite card represents the direction of the surrounding influences. The basis of fate that the card openers want to know is love, finance, work, study, and deciding a particular subject, and tarot cards are good choices for these questions. With respect to the 78 tarot cards that I've arranged, this focus is on understanding the identity of each card by allowing us to imagine one card instead of one person or character, or one situation, and you have to get to know these people who will help you solve someone's life. Where these cards permeate into a situation, in a sense, or media, instead of who they are. You first need to know which card habit plays the most important role in predicting which question and what's going on, so you can know, when those cards appear, it means best or worst, so in opening one set of cards, the important thing we need to know is which means, good, medium, or bad to predict the direction of composition prediction more accurately. In this case, I have already summarized in this book, will be divided into three orders. 1. Large set of 22 Major Arcana cards 1. All 16 instead of the individual cards in the Minor Arcana series. 3. Sequence number cards 1-10 each in Minor Arcana series. [40 cards in total]


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