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Readers will learn about the principles of video game design as well as the development process. Tools and technologies for video game design and development are also presented, along with several examples and case studies. This book aims to help readers gain a better understanding of video game design and development. As a result, they will be more informed when designing and developing their games. Today, the computer and video game industries are highly competitive. The quality of graphics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) have become more sophisticated, both of which increase the level of immersion, believability, and enjoyment. Moreover, many video games offer novel interactive ways that lead the new gameplay experiences for players. This book provides knowledge concerning video game design and development so that readers will understand the concepts and keys of video games, as well as gain background information about this field (e.g. art and technology). In the end, readers should be able to design and develop their own games by using the design activities, examples, and tools in this book as a guideline.


ISBN : 978-616-588-441-9

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