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"We must admit there are many unanswerable questions in the reality of life. We often don’t know why things go wrong as much as why things go right. One minute everything is absolutely fine but the next minute, life becomes everything but normal. Why me?! The truth is we do need to ‘understand’ why certain events – especially the bad ones – only happen to us and not to other people. Should we have the answers, they will allow us to let go and move on for the sake of our sanity. I therefore strongly believe that humanity urgently needs to know the karma and rebirth concepts which may give you the answer you need. This notion will also make people take serious responsibilities for their own actions : a crucial factor for social harmony. There is more harm in not to believe than to believe. In the same way that the law of gravity will not disappear into thin air just because you don’t believe it exists, neither will the law of karma and rebirth. They won’t just stop working only because you think they are total nonsense. "


ISBN : 978-974-8480-02-2

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