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The Bioluminescent Light: A Disruptive Innovation of the Future features the Khanser-Piromsartkoon (2018) invention of a perpetual lighting system using bioluminescence which they present as a disruptive innovation of the future that will challenge our current understanding of lighting systems. The invention is an alternative green energy and uses synthetic biology to produce the bioluminescent light. The book attempts to provide an in- depth analysis of bioluminescence as a possible source of light. The technology still belongs to the frontiers of science and it is at the intersection between technology and biology, thus, biotechnology. The Industrial Revolution 4.0 includes among other cutting- edge innovations, biotechnology, and in particular, synthetic biology. The Khanser-Priromsartkoon (2018) disruptive innovation is pioneering and a very important contribution to the search for renewable energy for environmental protection. The possible commercialization of ฺBioluminescent perpetual lighting system will be a welcome innovative product in the global market.


ISBN : 978-616-93122-1-5

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