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'White Ocean Strategy' is a new way to drive any type or size of business, from the smallest family shop to the biggest multinational. White Ocean organizations do not see themselves as the center of the universe and profit for shareholders is not their primary concern. This strategy places the emphasis on every aspect of society in harmony with the surrounding business, social and natural environment. Regardless, White Ocean Strategy is flexible, as it is not an extreme philosophy but accepts that a profitable business can also be morally responsible. White Ocean Strategy draws together 'People, Passion, Profits and the Planet' in a seamless philosophy that aims to create a sustainable, transparent and uplifting environment for all stakeholders. Danai Chanchaochai will show you how these fundamental trusts have been applied by successful leader of several very large multi-national corporations White Ocean Strategy is for individuals, for companies and for everyone interested in sustainable business and a balance of life, work and play.



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